Testing Frontity

I just set up a test of this site using the Frontity framework. So far I am seeing a huge improvement in Lighthouse performance scores. I will update with more information soon. Layout test This is a simple layout test.

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Setting up SSL Manually via CPanel

Setting up SSL within my personal web properties was long overdue. My hosting does not directly support free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt, so I ended up using SSL for Free (ZeroSSL under the hood) to create and verify the certificate. Creating the certificate was a simple process. You first register an account using your […]

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Reflecting on the joys of npx

I like to keep my local system clean so I avoid installing global packages whenever possible. I also like using virtual machines to do my development. Currently I am using vagrant for my personal and freelance work. I also like to keep my vagrant boxes clean. I set up simple provisioning scripts and add only […]

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